Friday, February 22, 2008

The Violet Hour

Last night, I went to see the Florida Players production of Richard Greenberg's "The Violet Hour." It was one of the first shows I've seen in a while that I had not read or known about before going into it. And I think that it might actually be the best way to experience theatre--to just experience it, to let the plot and the characters sort of wash over you instead of coming in with expectations.

Anyway, they did a lovely job, and now I'm going to go and read the play so that I can continue to experience it, having seen it.

The stage manager for the production ordered a cookie bouquet for the actors and 2 dozen Better than Chocolate Chip cookies, which turned out gorgeously. I love coming out of a show and hearing the techies gushing over the treats they stumbled upon backstage...

Also, I'm working on updating my photo blog, so check it out! ( Here! )

Okay. I'm off to finish writing a play....


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