Monday, January 28, 2008

The Buck's Fizz Cupcake

It looks like the winning recipe is the Orange Buttermilk Cupcake with the Champagne Filling/Frosting.
So I'll be Buck's Fizzing on Friday....

In other news, Betty Crocker's having a baking contest that apparently ends in two days. Luckily, I have an idea for a recipe that I'll be able to throw together tomorrow and test by the evening.

In other other news, I was apparently nominated for an award at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival for my dramaturgy on last year's production of The Man of Mode at UF. Which is sweet. Unfortunately, no one told me I was nominated, so I obviously never submitted the application materials, so I'm disqualified, or at least ineligible to win.

Anyway, I need sleep, and possibly some therapy.
Speaking of which, no medication, starting tomorrow.
It'll be my first day as a clean human being again. Wish me luck.


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